Choosing The Perfect Hosiery For Your Wedding

Your big day is the perfect excuse to buy patterned tights online, or look for something a bit more traditional.

“You can’t look good underneath if you want to look good on top” the old adage goes, but here at Fashion 4 Legs we feel otherwise.

Think about what look you want. A simple classic silhouette calls for tights that will give you a bit of shape. You won’t have to squeeze yourself into Spanx if you wear control tights. These can be bought to give you a little more support through the stomach area, as well as providing minimising or supporting shape to your bottom and thighs.

You then need to consider the type of shoes you are wearing. Open toed shoes call for an open toed tight, but if you have a closed toe you want to consider a reinforced toe to ensure your tights stay in place.

There are even tights available for backless shoes, but make sure you try them on before the big day to check they give you the look you want.

If you want to include a slightly more risqué look on your wedding day, consider fishnets or a seamed tight with a line up the back.

Of course, you want to avoid getting runs and ladders in your tights on an important day so take off your engagement ring before putting them on. As it is such an important day, make sure you have an extra pair or two in your bridal engagement kit for you and your bridesmaids.

If you are a guest and you aren’t sure whether or not you need to wear tights to a wedding this summer then read up on the correct fashion etiquette in The Telegraph.

Lingerie Trends: Spring/Summer 2015

When you are looking to buy lingerie online, consider some of the latest trends to inform your decision.

The spring/summer 2015 fashion shows confirmed that the pastel trend was going nowhere, with floaty and billowy pastel lingerie appearing again and again.

Soft pinks and peaches dominated the high end designer’s pieces, though blues and golds also crept in. These were frequently contrasted with each other, and sometimes these pieces included strong contrast with black. White lace and ribbons were paired with the softer pieces.

Fabrics used included sheer and richly textured items as well as lace, which is another trend that is here to stay.

Interestingly these pieces could be classified as lounge wear and included negligées and dressing gowns as well as underwear and hosiery.

Lounge wear is an up and coming trend. To make sure you are stocked up on lounge wear, which is perfect in the hot weather, make sure you have some of these key pieces.

Vest: Loose vests with small lace straps were particularly popular. See if you can get a set with matching shorts to really get the look.

Negligee: This vintage-style fashion item works best if it drops straight down from the shoulders and flares at the top of the thighs. Of course, sheer and see-through fabrics are popular, but consider heavier fabrics like silks or crepes for a slightly different look. Again lace straps and details are particularly popular this season.

Teddy: Fashion4Legs offers a great deep v cap sleeve teddy in the shop. The lace detail in this is on trend.

Nude: So Hot Right Now

If you’re in the market to buy hosiery for a summer style makeover, we definitely recommend adding some nude choices to your shopping basket from our tight selection.

Now, when we say nude, we don’t just mean matched to your own skin tone – but rather from the palette of beiges and brown that represent a whole spectrum of skin colours. There’s no better inspiration than the new collection from iconic shoe-monger Christian Louboutin – whose Nude Collection has just expanded to include two more shades, taking it up to seven altogether. The designer says “nude is not a colour, it’s a concept”, and it’s one we can certainly get behind.

Whether it’s shoes, leggings or clothes, creating an outfit using a palette of whites, creams, beiges and browns can look very chic and sophisticated – and has been spotted on the hottest fashion bloggers and celebrities the world over.

But while nude doesn’t just mean your own skin tone, you definitely have to be careful with the shades you use to compliment yours. We all know beige can totally wash someone out – which is partly why this is such a great summer trend, while we still have a tan!

However, it’s easy enough to rock this look year round. One way to stop your skin tone fighting the nude look is to opt for pops of colours to accent your look. A deep red lipstick is a great choice for this. It’s always worth experimenting in the changing room with different shades until you find the one that best suits your skin tone – and worst comes to worst, there are always ways to give your skin a summer glow all year round!

How To Make Your Own Flower Crown

Before you buy stretch leggings this summer, make sure you think about the rest of your outfit so you can look as fresh and funky as possible… and one of the coolest summer fashion trends we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks is flower crowns and garlands. Here’s how to make your own!

You don’t have to be going to a wedding or a festival to get away with this lovely look. Just channel your inner bohemian and there’ll be no stopping you – we think they’d look lovely paired with some 70s flares, a flowing top and a leather fringe bag. Beautiful!


Floral tape

Floral wire

Wire cutters

Flowers/greenery (real or fake)

How to

  1. Take your floral wire and bend it into a circle, resting it on top of your head to see how it fits. Adjust as necessary, then snip off any excess wire. Tape it down with your floral tape and wrap this around the wire circle a couple of times so none of the wire shows.
  2. Use greenery to wrap around the wire to form the base of your crown. Tape it all down securely.
  3. Start attaching your flowers by making sure that the stems are at least three inches long. Wrap the stems with tape so they’re fixed securely.

What we love about flower garlands is they can be as big or as small as you like. If you want a huge tower of flowers, go for it, or just keep it simple with a few sprigs. If you want it to last, use fake flowers, but we think a garland of real roses would look delightful this summer.

Dry And Warm In June! Hurrah!

So last week we were promised a heatwave and then the storms came and blew all our hopes and dreams away. This week, however, you might want to buy over the knee socks so you’re ready to get your pins out as The Weather Network has promised us all that June is going to be both dry and warm, with temperatures forecast to be above average for the month.

Fabulous! This means we can really get our groove on in our summer clothes at long, long last. Our jumpers and scarves have been packed away already in glorious anticipation of the summer sun.

Don’t get too excited, however. While things are looking up for June, the group reckons that temperatures will either be close to or below average for July and August, so we may not be getting the summer to end all summers this year, sadly.

This is what The Weather Network has to say about June and beyond: “Some cool and showery spells will still be possible during June, particularly early on in the month. As we head into July and through the rest of summer, it is expected that those cooler and showery spells will become more dominant.”

Fantastic. So, basically, keep your sunglasses and sun cream close to hand but make sure you’ve got a brolly and a cagoule in your bag as well, just in case. Never mind, hey? Don’t let a little bit of rain ruin your summer – it’ll still be all kinds of fun. What have you got planned?

High Heels: Are They Too Risky?

If you want to buy over the knee socks for your spring/summer 2015 wardrobe, then you may also be looking for the perfect pair of heels to team them with.

We love high heels too, but they can cause injury and joint problems for wearers. Read on to learn about the dangers of high heel wearing and figure out if you want to take the risk.


There are lots of problems that can happen to the foot as a result of too much high heel wearing, but bunions are one of the worst. Bunions are the bony protrusions at the base of the big toes – when this joint is misaligned it can cause a lot of pain due to pressure and rubbing. They can be caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow or shallow.

Knee joint pressure

Every woman has felt this after a big night out. Wearing high heels misaligns your pelvis, putting a lot of pressure on your knee joints. One study found a 26 per cent increase in knee-joint pressure when a woman wears high heels. Some women have such significant problems with their knees as a result of this it can require surgery to fix it.

Broken bones

Of course, this is the big risk. High heels are a big culprit in ankle sprains and breakages. The bones at risk are the ankle bones and femur. The risk to these bones and muscles can be improved by doing ankle muscles strengthening exercises. You can get more information on the impact on high heels on

3 Fashion Rules For Wearing Leggings

You might like the way they look when on, but it’s important that every fashionista out there remembers a few golden rules of getting dressed after they buy leggings online. As amazing as you might look in leggings, you need to know that the opportunities for fashion faux-pas in such legwear are, unfortunately, quite plentiful.

Rule #1 – Long tops

Ask anyone – the first golden rule of wearing your new leggings is to make sure you pair them with a long enough top. Make sure that your backside is covered up and you can do no wrong, really. If you have to wear your leggings as if they were trousers, then find yourself a nice thick pair that hold you together a bit better.

Rule #2 – Wash, wash, wash

A vital part of legging care is to make sure you wash them frequently. The more you wear them, the more the elastic in them will stretch, making them baggy and unflattering over time. After you wash them, the elastic pings back to normal, making them fit to wear once again.

Rule #3 – What’s the occasion?

You might love to wear your patterned leggings here, there and everywhere but every so often, the occasion calls for slightly smarter attire. You probably wouldn’t get away with wearing your favourite pair to a wedding, for example, or a job interview!

So there you have it – Fashion 4 Legs’ three golden rules for wearing leggings. Follow these and you will never go wrong.

Just What Is Denier, Anyway?

When you’re off to buy sexy lingerie online, the pitfalls are plentiful – what colour should you get? What about size? Can a thong ever be too small? What denier should my tights be? And it’s this latter point that many of us get stuck on time and time again – what on earth is denier, anyway?

Basically, all denier means is how dense your pair of tights actually is – the higher the number, the thicker your tights. It’s that simple! However, different brands mark their tights up in different ways so you do need to be a bit careful and not just assume that they’re all the same.

If you go for a pair of tights that are between a five or a ten denier, then you’ll end up with a pair that are very sheer – so sheer in fact that it’ll be hard for outsiders to even work out if you’re wearing tights. These are great for hiding any blemishes and generally giving your legs a more even appearance. If you’re one who always get holes in their tights, however, steer clear as these are pretty fragile and prone to ladders.

Anything from a 21 to a 40 denier is a semi-opaque, while 50 denier is opaque, although you can get a really dense look with a 70 or 80. When buying your new patterned tights or other items of hosiery, just make sure you get them in the right size. If they’re too small they won’t be comfortable and you’ll find that the material stretches, which will affect the appearance so the denier you’ve gone for won’t be the look you want.

Style Hero: Khloe Kardashian

If there’s one celebrity fashionista driving droves of style-loving girls to buy patterned tights then it’s the indomitable Khloe Kardashian.

Once simply known as Kim’s sister, the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters has blossomed over the last few years, becoming a fashion guru in her own right. Khloe’s style is much more fun, young and playful than either Kim or Kourtney, and with gorgeous printed leggings at the core of many an outfit – we’re looking to you Khloe for some serious inspiration.

Exhibit A: Dress Them Up
Just because your tights are fun and playful doesn’t mean they’re not suitable to wear to office. Here, Khloe teams a simple white blouse and figure-hugging body-con skirt with some fun bondage leggings. Keep the rest of the outfit quite basic and we guarantee compliments on your tights around the water cooler!

Exhibit B: Dress Them Down
Okay, so Khloe’s idea of a comfortable outfit for catching a basketball game in may be Dolce and Gabbana, but it’s also these super snazzy leopard print leggings. We love how she’s wearing them high-waisted with a simple low-cut top again – we’re seeing a pattern here! And of course, if you want to get the look for a less ‘couture’ price, you’ve come to the right place.

Exhibit C: Dress them However You Want
After setting us some style rules to live by, Khloe’s only just gone and smashed them (right out of the park, may we add). There’s nothing simple about this outfit – dress: amazing and asymmetric; shoes: a little bit mid; tights: perfectly patterned.

Yes, we think Khloe might well be the queen of the patterned tights!

Baring It All – Our Top Tips

So the summer’s supposedly just around the corner, so we know that a lot of you won’t want to buy printed tights online, choosing instead to bare your legs and get your pins out over the next couple of months. Before you do, however, you should make sure that your feet and legs are looking tip-top, so here are our top tips to help you do just that.

Don’t forget the pedicures

Feet and toes take centre stage around this time of year, but cracked heels and peeling nail varnish isn’t exactly a come hither look. Book yourself in for a pedicure now and start going regularly so that you’re ready for the warm weather when it looks like it’s here to stay.


We’re not advocates of hitting up the sun bed here at Fashion 4 Legs – it’s really bad for your skin and overall health, and can make you age prematurely – so instead fake it and bake it whenever you can. There are so many different bronzing options out there, so just find one that works for you. Just don’t go from pale English rose to bronze goddess straight away, build your tan up gradually so by the summer you’re ready to rock and roll.


We’ve been hiding our legs away all winter under leggings, printed tights and over the knee socks, so skin quality might be a bit iffy. But that’s nothing that a bit of exfoliation can’t cure so build this into your beauty regime now. Get yourself a good body scrub and use it a couple of times a week, following it up with a rich, thick body cream for truly glowing skin.